"Pecan Pie"
Our new Southern Pecan Flavor!

Fine roasted Southern Pecan flavored beans ... with (you guessed it) a bold kick!

Pecan Pie — 12oz. Bag
Ground or Wholebean:

"Raging Mule"
Our Original Dark Espresso Blend

This is a very bold but also smooth coffee that is not for the faint hearted! Very full bodied but roasted just dark enough to smooth out the whole blend. This is an African, Brasilian and an Asian coffee, dark roasted to give it just enough kick to satisfy any espresso or drip brew fan!

Raging Mule — 12oz. Bag
Ground or Wholebean:

"Rico Suave"
Our Original Medium Roast - Brazilian Santos

Wonderfully smooth and aromatic, low acidity and medium bodied.
A definite crowd pleaser.

Rico Suave — 12oz. Bag
Ground or Wholebean:

"Burro Beret"
Seriously Sweet French Vanilla

A medium roasted blend infused with natural vanilla flavor, with the usual smooth Blackass finish. For those who need a little more flavor.

Burro Beret — 12oz. Bag
Ground or Wholebean:

"Jacques Cousteau"
French Roast

The most popular among the dark roasts-strong and spicy, yet smooth.
Makes excellent Lattes!

Jacques Cousteau — 12oz. Bag
Ground or Wholebean:

"Secret Agent"
Our New Seriously Secret Dark, Bold Roast

The sweetest and most intense of the dark roasts.
This rich, full bodied roast has been a crowd favorite.
Makes excellent Cappuccinos!

Secret Agent — 12oz. Bag
Ground or Wholebean:
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