Where it all began.

Black Ass Coffee was formed by two serious coffee drinkers who were tired of overpriced, stale, burnt coffee. Who said "burnt" is "better" in the first place? And why pay a premium for "over-roasted" coffee? So, stubbornly, we started the hunt to find good "strong" coffee.


Rule #1

Keep it simple. We search the world to find the finest growers so we can deliver you the best beans possible.


Rule #2

Keep it fresh. We only roast in small batches and actually grind to order to ensure you are getting the freshest beans in the world!


Rule #3

Let the coffee sell the coffee! When you taste our specialty blends
- we expect you to tell a friend about how bold, fresh, and smooth
BlackAss coffee is!


Rule #4

Keep it BOLD! It starts with the name and you can taste it in every cup.


So…. enjoy the coffee, and start the revolution -- tell a friend and spread the word about BlackAss coffee.
It’s like a donkey kick to the tastebuds!

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